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Story - Tessa

Born in the majestic Land of Cedars in Lebanon, I grew up in a family with Oriental roots from my Lebanese father and Occidental influences from my Polish mother. My passion for flora and fragrances began at an early age getting lost in the wilderness of our glorious mountains of ancient cedars and pine forests, strolling in the lush Levantine Souks of myrrh, oud, and amber, running in the vast orange orchards and blooming valleys of wild orchids, genet, and roses, and bathing in the bursting waterfalls diffused with vibrant aromas of moss.

It only came naturally to create my own tailored and timeless perfume collection rooted by my rich heritage – the cradle of the invention and use of perfumery – and the longstanding history of my family in Lebanon since 1746.

My fragrances focus on the value of craftsmanship and Mother Nature; they are inspired by the Forests' most evocative notes, diverse natural ingredients and irrefutable healing wonders. They are consciously sourced and crafted with intricate precision and care in France and Lebanon, and include sustainable and natural oil extracts of the highest quality. Through these scents, I would like to transport you into a restorative escape to the wilderness of Forests, dreaminess and nostalgia whilst enhancing wellbeing.

It is enchanting to interpret the olfactive sense with the ones of sight, sound and taste. And this is precisely where my perfume collection co-exists with my current architecture and design studio T SAKHI, co-founded with my sister Tara in 2016. In each project, we draw inspiration from Nature's vast palette of colors, textures, sounds, and scents allowing us to create a physical and emotional voyage through spaces and objects that engage all senses and evoke memories, much like the art of perfumery.


Your support enables me to contribute and donate to initiatives focused on urban afforestation in Lebanon, helping to support biodiversity and promote social and environmental regeneration with each purchase.

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