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Story- Commitment
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We are deeply rooted in the Forest’s mysticism and have a responsibility to give back to Mother Nature. Through our sales, we support ecological and social regeneration and help restore biodiversity in Lebanon by donating to theOtherForest "Beirut RiverLess Forest" project, specializing in the Miyawaki Technique of urban afforestation and creating a wildlife corridor that reconnects the mountainous forests to the Mediterranean coast.

Our 2022 sales brought us to plant 40 sqm of land with 160 native trees and shrubs from 21 different species, which include Pinus Brutia (Turkish Pine), Laurus Nobilis (Bayleaf), Pistacia Palestine (Wild Pistachio), Arbutus Andrachne (Strawberry Tree), Myrtus (Myrtle), Salvia Fruticosa (Sage), Origanum Syriaum (Zaatar). 



Our hand-crafted fragrances include sustainable & natural oil extracts of the highest quality produced in Grasse in the South of France, known for its established perfume heritage & industry.


Engaged in social and environmental awareness, our crafted products are consciously sourced and manufactured with recyclable and sustainable materials.



Capturing the purest and most evocative notes of the Forests, our fragrances focus on well-being and energy levels through the restorative power of Mother Nature and its irrefutable healing wonders.

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